Emanuel Perdis

Emanuel Perdis served as the Managing Director/Co-founder of the Australian-owned Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics company for over 25 years.

During his tenure, the $110M + company boasted over 90 Concept Stores, 100 Napoleon Perdis Department Stores counters throughout Australia, complemented by over 750 salon and pharmacy stockists of the brand throughout Australia.

Within the business, Emanuel ran the operation day to day and had HR, Education, Sales and Operations teams report directly to him daily whilst his business partners Napoleon and Soula-Marie were overseas, focussing their efforts on International USA Expansion, PR, Marketing and Product Development.

With boots on the ground leadership, he garnered invaluable experience in relationship management, conflict resolution, mediation, career counselling, mental health management of the Academy’s students and many other areas that required exceptional social-interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

Beyond being  an instrumental figure that was involved  from the outset in starting and growing the Napoleon  make-up phenomenon,  he is an inspiring, passionate and seasoned Counsellor, Trainer, Advisor, and Alternative Medicine Practitioner.


Having instituted a number of innovative Mental Health Initiatives that were pioneering within the business, Emanuel’s skill base in Counselling has been further honed over the years to deal with

  • Relationship Counselling [esp. couples working together in their business]
  • Anger Management [esp. female anger]
  • Anxiety and Trauma
  • Grief [esp. Carers and Sufferers of Dementia].

His life-long calling to ‘teach and heal’ has finally beaconed him to a compact suite of services in Counselling, Education and Advisory Guidance.

On a personal note, he’s remained successfully married for over 22 years and is a proud and highly engaged father to his 18+ year old daughter.

In arriving to this point, Emanuel has confronted his own setbacks and flaws with vigorous self-growth activities such as counselling, workshop attendance and completed his academic studies in applied psychology.

Walking his Talk has always been the most important personal value guiding his growth in his life. His own journey has imbued him exceptional empathy and understanding where he completely “gets” what the clients on the “therapy couch” are dealing with and feeling.

You can enquire today to book him in for Counselling, or enrol in one of the eclectic suite of high-octane Residential Retreat Masterclasses.

Emanuel can also be hired for business advising  [inc. keynote speaking] on any topic concerning  Entrepreneurship, Negotiating, Transformative Leadership as well as hot button issues concerning Mental Health and Disruptive Innovation.

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